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Graduate Courses

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GEOL 640/WMHS 640 Geochemistry of Natural Fresh Waters

Credits 3

Chemistry of aqueous solutions; weathering/redox reactions and controls on fresh waters; natural and anthropogenic factors affecting major, minor, and trace elements in fresh waters; evaluation of fresh water composition; application of water-quality measurements to quantitative hydrology.

GEOL 647 Radiogenic Isotope Geology

Credits 3

Use of radiogenic isotopes in addressing problems in high- and low-temperature geochemistry; their use as tracers for past and present-day processes at the surface and interior of the Earth.

Undergraduate Courses

Courses: News & Resources

GEOL 101 Principles of Geology

Credits 3

Physical and chemical nature of the Earth and dynamic processes that shape it; plate tectonics, Earth's interior, materials it is made of, age and evolution, earthquakes, volcanism, erosion and deposition; introduces physical and chemical principles applied to the Earth.

GEOL 311 Principles of Geological Writing

Credit 1

Principles of writing for geological reports; format and style for abstracts, grant proposals, journal manuscripts and industry reports; evaluating written reports for revision and editing; using proper referencing and citation style; methods of maintaining clarity in documents; using web tools for geological communication.

GEOL 451 Introduction to Geochemistry

Credits 3

Chemical principles and processes responsible for the formation and cycling of earth materials, with emphasis on low temperature equilibria and kinetics in rockwater systems.

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